The Coaching Habit

When you are asking questions, you might feel less certain about whether you are being useful, the conversation can feel slower and you might feel like you have lost control of the conversation....(and indeed you have - that's called empowering).

It is easy to 'help' but in doing so, we don't empower!  We move to a position where we want to help people help themselves.

This redefines 'work' - others are 'doing' the hard work!

This relates to teaching - we are redefining our role as teachers.

  • What does it mean to empower?
  • to give power or authority to, to enable or permit
  • warrant, commission, license, qualify, entrust, privilege
  • the process of becoming stronger and more confident 
  • mana
  • empowerment vs empower
To empower?

The process of entrusting and enabling someone so that they become stronger and more confident to take control of their own life.

  • to foster independence
  • to motivate
  • creates an opportunity for innovation
  • creates a sense of purpose
  • creates a sense of belonging
  • participation
  • so we can grow
5 practical ways that we can use to empower staff?
  • Planning tasks that allow
  • Providing time
5 practical ways that we can use to empower staff?
  • To listen
  • Questioning
  • To trust
  • Shift of Responsibility
  • Accountability
Questions is one of the most potent tools to help us to empower others.

How can we empower Carolyn but remain accountable?
  • Get clarity
  • Share the dilemma
  • Get the 'playteam' to bring all of the questions that they would have if they were in leadership.
  • Dialogue vs discussion
What is it? Why would we do it? How?

"And what else?"  How could we soften this?  Pause time, eye contact, paraphrase, "And what else Ebony?", "What else can you say about that?" 
  • A good question for parents too

Example of Grad Students - e.g. behaviour management

Call them forward to learn, improve and grow, rather than to just get something sorted out.

To empower - an example of even better leadership.


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