Words Their Way - Chris Braid

Words Their Way

Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary and Spelling Instruction - Word Sorts - a systematic, sequenced approach. We want children to have a map of how it all works

Layers of the Orthography - the ways words are written down

Alphabet Sound Layer (English language - 56% as it sounds - would get correct)Pattern LayerMeaning Layer (Anglo-saxton, greek, latin) WHEN THESE ARE ALL IN PLACE, ENGLISH LANGUAGE BECOMES 97% RELIABLE
This programme helps children to map the patterns.
These layers relate to progression in reading and writing.
Children who write how they speak are stuck in phonological knowledge...
Schwa vowel (the vowel that is indiscriminate) - e.g.:  Forage (but we say forige)Emphasis (we loose the a - we don't say - "em - far - sis")MotherButterBe curious about words!
Children need to see a word spelt correctly 40 times before it gets locked in. Every time a child (or adult!) sees a word spelt incorrectly, it makes the learner's spelling of this word …

Te Takanga O Te Wā

Thursday 25th January

Te Rangimārie Marae, Rangiotu

How do Rangitāne ensure that the stories that they share are cared for by us as schools?

Through culturally responsive practiseHautū - a tool for BOT to work throughTātaiako & Ka HikitiaTreaty of WaitangiPartnership with our iwi - RangitāneWhat are the tikanga & kawa of RangitāneRangitāne ReoMatauranga - knowledgeMatāwaka - a word used to acknowledge all of the canoes/whānau that have come from N - this is to acknowledge that children come from all over NZ - how do we as a school respect/uphold the tikanga & kawa of other iwi represented in our schools. TLIF - Improving education outcomes for Māori and therefore all learners in partnership with Rangitāne iwi.
Ask Rachel for presentation to insert here
Hau - a powerful man. In Hawaiiki, he worked to build a waka. It was his job to make sure the spiritual aspect of the journey were adhered to. He was a visionary with a new idea...Hau wasn't allowed to go on the journey bec…

Parent Feedback...

Good morning,

This email is to thank you and all the wonderful teachers that I have cc'd in for all the hard work and dedication that you and they have put in over the years to ensure that __ was well supported, able to learn and most of all make it to the end of Year 6 without been stood down.
Russell Street School is a wonderful school for children, parents and the community and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others - especially those who might have children with more challenging behaviour or difficult learning needs.
My family and I loved how both __ and __ were supported to be part of the Year 6 Prizegiving on Wednesday and it is that inclusiveness that really shows that no one is seen as different when at Russell Street School.
The loss of James and Elly is a sad one for Russell Street School but an exciting new journey for them and a great gain to the schools they are going to.  The appointment of Mel and Troy into their positions was a delight to hear and I can&…

Final Appraisal 2017

Standard 2: Use inquiry, collaborative problem-solving and professional learning to improve professional capability to impact on the learning and achievement of all leaners.
Reflective question: What professional learning have I engaged in and adaptively applied to my practice?Firstly, I would like to focus on the professional learning that has come about through being a Lead Mentor this year for the Masters in Teaching and Learning Programme. This has really enabled me to practise the coaching and mentoring skills that I have learnt over the past several years, primarily with Carol. See my Leadership Inquiry 2017 for further reflections on this. 
An example of 'collaborative problem-solving' is the approach we took to our challenging learners in the Busy Bees this year. Coming together as a teaching and leadership team to brainstorm possibilities was invaluable.

I am SO excited by the direction of RSS and it has been great to be part of the development of that. Our leadership/vi…

Reading List

Exemplary School Visit

Kia ora Nick and Elly,
A massive thank from us all at the Institute of Education for the manaakitanga and expertise shared with the MTchgLn teachers and staff. We learned so much from your presentation, ambassador-guided visits to diverse learning spaces and then student-directed See-Saw conversations. It was breath-taking and humbling to see so much evidence of teachers’ and students’ agency, leadership and creativity that reflects your school’s vision for all learners. From the chooks to cutting edge digital technology we saw the very best in education and we are so privileged to partner with your school. Thank you too for this presentation which we’ll use on Monday to further reflect on our learning with you this morning.
He kura tangata he tanagata kura We value each other’s scholarship and talents, and we cherish the importance of collaborative partnerships.
Ngā mihi Ally
Dr Alison Sewell |  Institute of Education | Massey University  |  Private Bag 11222 | Palmerston North | New Zealand…

BOT Meeting

We had a great discussion at tonight's BOT meeting about Empowerment...

Compliance - Engagement - Empowerment

Empowerment is so important when our kids go into an environment where they are forced back into compliance.The possibilities are so huge when kids are empowered.Our kids teach us - they are much more capable than I ever was (a comment from Cindy)How are our kids going to adapt when they go into a different environment if they are not empoweredThese kids are our future leaders
My thoughts...

Values are even more important now to underpin Empowerment