Final Appraisal 2017

Standard 2: Use inquiry, collaborative problem-solving and professional learning to improve professional capability to impact on the learning and achievement of all leaners.
Reflective question: What professional learning have I engaged in and adaptively applied to my practice?Firstly, I would like to focus on the professional learning that has come about through being a Lead Mentor this year for the Masters in Teaching and Learning Programme. This has really enabled me to practise the coaching and mentoring skills that I have learnt over the past several years, primarily with Carol. See my Leadership Inquiry 2017 for further reflections on this. 
An example of 'collaborative problem-solving' is the approach we took to our challenging learners in the Busy Bees this year. Coming together as a teaching and leadership team to brainstorm possibilities was invaluable.

I am SO excited by the direction of RSS and it has been great to be part of the development of that. Our leadership/vi…

Reading List

Exemplary School Visit

Kia ora Nick and Elly,
A massive thank from us all at the Institute of Education for the manaakitanga and expertise shared with the MTchgLn teachers and staff. We learned so much from your presentation, ambassador-guided visits to diverse learning spaces and then student-directed See-Saw conversations. It was breath-taking and humbling to see so much evidence of teachers’ and students’ agency, leadership and creativity that reflects your school’s vision for all learners. From the chooks to cutting edge digital technology we saw the very best in education and we are so privileged to partner with your school. Thank you too for this presentation which we’ll use on Monday to further reflect on our learning with you this morning.
He kura tangata he tanagata kura We value each other’s scholarship and talents, and we cherish the importance of collaborative partnerships.
Ngā mihi Ally
Dr Alison Sewell |  Institute of Education | Massey University  |  Private Bag 11222 | Palmerston North | New Zealand…

BOT Meeting

We had a great discussion at tonight's BOT meeting about Empowerment...

Compliance - Engagement - Empowerment

Empowerment is so important when our kids go into an environment where they are forced back into compliance.The possibilities are so huge when kids are empowered.Our kids teach us - they are much more capable than I ever was (a comment from Cindy)How are our kids going to adapt when they go into a different environment if they are not empoweredThese kids are our future leaders
My thoughts...

Values are even more important now to underpin Empowerment

The Theory behind Change Management

PLD Model for 2018

I've now listened to Nick's presentation 3 times - a model of PD for 2018 at Russell Street School.  I think this model has a lot of merits...

It covers the need for consolidation at RSSIt allows for 'agentic' tendancies from our staffIt makes coaching/mentoring a specific and expected part of our PDIt allows for choice and voice
What pedagogy sits behind this model?

The model:

Vision, Agency, Dispositions, Key Competencies & Values

Mel and I had a great session today discussing agency, dispositions, our RSS vision, the key competencies and our school values. We want to be able to see how they all link together.  We want to be able to simplify them, yet not loose the heart of any of them.

Our discussion led to this...

Certainly still a work in progress, but a great start to aligning these important factors of what we believe is important at Russell Street School.  I just love that the work that was done in the Innovation Fund is not coming to fruition.  It is aligning beautifully with the PD we have had in maths, and the latest research.

Next step - to take to Leadership.