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Walker Learning @ Lytton Street

Walker Learning in Te Tipu 29th June 2017 CENgate
Marie Morgan Lytton Street School
"Play Matters" Kathy Walker, Shona Bass
The importance of everyone sharing the same philosophy. - what do you believe about play?About children's development?Once you have this, TRUST everyone on the floor.

Emotional, Social needs are looked at to see who moves to next class.
Walker Learning - Each class is set up the same. - Relationships are key. - Central role of play
Kathy Walker - Founding Director of Early Life Foundations Shona Bass - Managing Director of Early Life Foundations
Is a pedagogy that educates the whole child for the 21st Century.Teachers integrate children's own interests and lives into the daily programme to make all learning authentic, meaningful.
Exploratory Play (0 - 5) - Investigative play (Years 0 to 3)- Project based Learning (Years 4 - 8)
Explicit instruction of Literacy and Numeracy from Year 0
Based on Children's Current Interests - e.g. Doctors clin…

Play Based Learning

Effective Teaching & Learning in a Play-Based School Environment

Sarah Aiono & Linda Cheer

What is Play?
Primarily, play is:

self-chosen and self-directed; Children need to have the opportunity to quit. Children need to problem solve themselves. (It grows intrinsic motivation.) process rather than product driven;its about the means rather than the end.We don't have to always 'do' something with the e.g. poemcontains structures or rules established by the players themselves;Play vs games or sportsimaginative, non-literal and removed from reality;These days, children are faced with reality most of the time.Play allows for imagination/magic to develop.occurs between those who are active, alert and non-stressed.Play/imagination happens in the pre-frontal cortex.  If stress is present, the child is not able to be working in the pre-frontal cortex.Play involves higher order thinking. Gray, 2013; Brewer, 2007
Continuum of Play

Where are we as a school?  Ranging from 4 to 7..…