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NAMSA - New Zealand Normal & Model Schools

Our Mission: Leading innovation and best practice as specialist initial teacher educators.

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Summary of 2016/17
See ITE Position Paper -
1. Increased Partnership between ITE providers and NAMSA Schools  2. Developing a Clinical Practice Pathway 3. Multiple Pathways 4. Raising the Status and Professionalism of Teaching 5. Normal and Model Schools leading Quality Practicum across the Sector 6. ITE System Responsiveness
Code of Practice We could use this as an assessment tool for CNSMy appraisal? Associate Teacher Review -
"An effective associate teacher is: … a learner who realizes that teaching is about living, theorizing, trying, reflecting, failing, succeeding, conversing, reading, planning, and trying things out all o…

PAC: Practise Analysis Conversation

Rita Palmer

What are the hard things when promoting teacher effectiveness?

being honest, yet kindpeople respecting what you saywhen people don't respondnot wanting people to feel attackedprofessional message rather than personal Our teachers are teaching the best way they know how.  As leaders, we need to unsurface the pedagogical understanding that each teacher has in order to move them on.
How people don't learn: A blow by blow account of what was observedAn unfocused, rambling conversationTelling your story rather than analysing what they did20 questions without reasonsHeaping on praise and sandwiching in some critique
Insert coloured circles...
Practice Analysis Conversation: (a framework for discussion) Why this group at this time? (Often, teachers don't actually know)What is the focus for the lesson?What specific strategies will I observe?What do you expect the effect to be for students?How will I know the lesson has been successful?
SO important, that the ownership lies…