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Parent Feedback...

Good morning,

This email is to thank you and all the wonderful teachers that I have cc'd in for all the hard work and dedication that you and they have put in over the years to ensure that __ was well supported, able to learn and most of all make it to the end of Year 6 without been stood down.
Russell Street School is a wonderful school for children, parents and the community and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others - especially those who might have children with more challenging behaviour or difficult learning needs.
My family and I loved how both __ and __ were supported to be part of the Year 6 Prizegiving on Wednesday and it is that inclusiveness that really shows that no one is seen as different when at Russell Street School.
The loss of James and Elly is a sad one for Russell Street School but an exciting new journey for them and a great gain to the schools they are going to.  The appointment of Mel and Troy into their positions was a delight to hear and I can&…

Final Appraisal 2017

Standard 2: Use inquiry, collaborative problem-solving and professional learning to improve professional capability to impact on the learning and achievement of all leaners.
Reflective question: What professional learning have I engaged in and adaptively applied to my practice?Firstly, I would like to focus on the professional learning that has come about through being a Lead Mentor this year for the Masters in Teaching and Learning Programme. This has really enabled me to practise the coaching and mentoring skills that I have learnt over the past several years, primarily with Carol. See my Leadership Inquiry 2017 for further reflections on this. 
An example of 'collaborative problem-solving' is the approach we took to our challenging learners in the Busy Bees this year. Coming together as a teaching and leadership team to brainstorm possibilities was invaluable.

I am SO excited by the direction of RSS and it has been great to be part of the development of that. Our leadership/vi…