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SENCO Meeting

It was my privilege to attend the SENCO meeting at Riverdale School on Mel's behalf today. It was great to meet educators from around the region who I have not met before.

Break Times

Flipping eating times - eating time at endLunch Club - puzzles, Toys, Games, Creative Space - repurposed old Dental Clinic. Teaching Social Skills in a controlled environment.Peer MediatorsLunch ActivitiesRadio StationBikes in Schools and Scooter ParkLiving Above the Line - Riverdale School - Reward system with Pins - unlocks the box of toys in Lunch Club. Game playing has been very successful... Uninterrupted Learning Time - no visitors, etc... Seniors running sport programmes Seniors on duties - Creative play - loose parts in shed...Year 3/4 monitors Changes in ICS - John RTLB

Application Form will be consistent across clusters150 students in our cluster in 2018Week 5 - emailed to schoolsWeek 10, Term 3 - deadlineNotified in Week 5 of Term 4Ensure that you read the guidelinesChild needs to be... Th…

STEM Staff Meeting

The Coaching Habit - Carol Lynch

"Restructuring is not as important as re-culturing." Alma Harris

can complement each other can work against each other Structure is surface, culture is deep? culture - common ideals and values structure - systematic - how the culture is upheld The culture needs to be discovered, so that the structures can fall into place Is it easier to make changes to the structure than to the culture?   "Detailed understanding of the 'problem' is usually little help in arriving at the solution."

 The detail of the problem is irrelevant to the coach. The more you understand the problem, the more you will pop over into solution-giving/advice-giving rather than coaching. It is the coaches roll to ask questions to help the person to get to the solution.

 Some people in some situations cannot be coached!

 Locating Yourself - a Key to Conscious Leadership Page 145 - we are not very good at saying no!

Staff Meeting: Maths Dispositions

Staff Meeting: Learning Maps

"Changes almost never fails because its too early.  It almost always fails because its too late." The Innovators Mindset George Couros Da Vinci - innovations never took off.  He was seed-planting though!
Infinity Learning Maps A practical in-road into the science of learning-how-to-learn...
Why? Findings from Learning & Change Networks. Students often passive recipientsTeachers are important in the students learning.Parents are important in their childrens learning.Students would like more agency in their learning.Students are unsure of what an active-connected learner looks like.Process DrawDiscuss and reflectSet a change goalRecordOutcome
Each learner, with support from teachers, family and whānau, setting a learning-to-learn change goal.
Purpose of Learning Maps For learners to take responsibility for their learningFor learners to better understand and improve their learningTo find out some big picture trends across the school.For teachers/parents to get to know learners/ch…

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