Maths at School C

Another great day today visiting School C - this time seeing a large range of ages throughout the school participate in maths.

Generally speaking, the practice in each class was consistent across the school.  All students are in groups (seemed to be streamed) - one works with teacher, one group working on mathletics and the third group completing a worksheet.

Key messages that emerged:

  • learning must be relevant where students see the link to real life
  • don't just show the 'perfect' model - life is not about perfect! e.g. when teaching geometry, can students identify a triangle if it is irregular?
  • ensure it is the students doing the maths, not the teacher

On a side note, it is SO important to have a shared understanding about agency across the sector - what is it? What is it not?  

When matrices are used, how do the students feel who are in the 'bottom' tier ALL OF THE TIME.  What hope do they have?  Is this motivating for them to move or do they just feel dumb and unsuccessful?  Same as in maths groups - are the 'squares' group ever exposed to 'real' maths?


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