Most Likely To Succeed - Movie screening @ College Street

Most Likely To Succeed

What factors are going to ensure our students will succeed??

  • School is about now! It shouldn't be about drudgery/assessments...
  • Now ... 53% of college graduates in the states cannot find a job - why? Because of the advances in technology.
  • 1843 - last major educational change - the Industrial Age. 
    • Age, ability and subject were split up at this time.
    • 'The Committee of Ten' designed our curriculum and by and large, it hasn't changed since.
    • The 20th century was a century that was full of people who had good skills in the 3 r's and an economy that required those skills. This is no longer the case!
    • Life is not segmented into subjects!

High Tech High - USA 

  • Do you need me to micromanage your way through school or do you want to do it on your own? Need to set up situations to help kids do it on their own.
  • No bells, no subject areas, teachers are hired on one year contracts, what they teach and how they teach is up to each teacher. What is taught is dependent on the needs of the kids/ passions of the teacher. Autonomy is given to teachers and students!
  • Each term, an exhibition is put on... to share the outcomes of projects made by students.

Grit/resourcefulness/ growth mindset/ kids who learn from their mistakes/creativity/innovative thinking are key!

  • Content is now ubiquitous...
  • We are moving to an education that is all about a skill set not about content at all.
  • Soft skills - critical thinking/ collaboration/ confidence/ work ethic/ etc! So important.
  • How can you ask students to learn how to make decisions if they never make decisions?

This is scary for parents. How will this new type of education, get students into colleges? For years, students have learnt content to pass the test, to get them into college.

What happens in real life? You collaborate, you have access to any information you need etc... but yet we put students in positions where they have to sit a test - something that never happens in real life!

At school, we are taught to memorise, and regurgitate. This is not good for your life skills or your soul!

Critical thinking, advanced communication skills, creative skills key to getting a job. If you don't need these, you are in a job where a computer will do it for you!

We need to reimagine school! There is no research (yet!!) that says that this type of schooling is any better!  This is why people find it so hard to change.

Learning without borders!

How do you assess a persons ability to collaborate, persevere? Don't! Come and see it in action! Publically exhibit their work.

Finishing is so important! Project learning is so hard! You don't cover the same amount of content, there is no immediate reward.

Lots of blood, sweat and tears involved! This is hard work!

We all derive a huge amount of pleasure from creating something that wasn't there before. No different for kids.

We all learn by making mistakes. We learn by doing. Life doesn't always succeed.

What would I do differently next time?

By seeing efforts not work, it opens people's eyes up to what really needs to change.

Learning soft skills, stays with you for life!

Current education system fails to recognise that students are people who have feelings, thoughts and dreams.

The world is an interesting place, and it is our job to figure things out, to probe, to question,. How do we prepare our kids for this?

The most important thing - working on things with a sense of purpose!

Real education is messy!

Education is a complex human system. We grow, involve and change... we are not standardised. It is much more like gardening. You need to create the right conditions in order for it to grow.

We need things that energise us, then you can't stop us!

Oh how I wish I could take notes like this: (Credit to Carolyn)


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