Agency in the Junior School

I have been thinking a lot about the agency work that we did as part of the Innovation Fund in Poutama. We got to a point where we realised that although the matrix that we had created was useful for us as teachers, it wasn't so useful for students (too wordy). I created a target that I would like to trial and am really pleased that Nic and Brenda want to do this in the seniors.

Well, now that I am moving back to the junior school, I am keen to see if it works with juniors. Brenda was kind enough to digitise my idea, which I would love to give to Julian Hardy to get him to make a big 3D one - with the middle circle rotating.  This needs to be a topic of conversation at a team meeting - is it junior friendly? Does it fit in with play-based learning? Would something like this work? Do any of the words need changing?


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