The Coaching Habit 2

One thing that we do well in NZ to respond/cater to/for diversity.

  • Inclusive of families
  • Use of own language (in SLC)
  • Diverse Staff
  • Strategic - set up people to 'look after' different groups within the school
  • Diversity is not just about culture - family structures, personalising learning etc

  • Means different things for different people
    • Being able to choose
  • How do we TRULY personalise PLD for staff?
    • We tend to organise through systems
    • Schools have always been highly structured
  • BUT how do you get consistency throughout the school e.g.
    • agency
    • the teaching of subtraction
  • We need to be responsive to what is in front of us

Being strategic is about saying no to the thing you want to say yes to.
  • It is possible to set an expectation and coach your way to it.
  • e.g. "It is an expectation that hui will happen every week, what can we do to achieve that?" "What are the barriers?" "What is the challenge here for you?"
  • Have we set the expectation clearly enough for our team?

The Coaching Habit
  • You can only coach the person in front of you!

We can have all of the coaching skills in the world, but actually, what people want more is your time. 

How does this work in the busyness of our educational setting?

If you wait, you may not need to ask the question so many times.
Remember to exercise Wait Time 1 and Wait Time 2. Wait time 1 is after you ask the question.  Wait time 2 is after the question has been answered.

"Say some more about that."

"The reality is that the experiences we create often make learners 
dependent upon the teacher for learning."

Maths groups - what as teachers are we doing that enables the above quote to happen?


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